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30 August
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Your Life: The Soundtrack

Created by aiko and taken 30676 times on bzoink!

Opening creditsNo Rain-Blind Melon
Waking upCigarettes and Chocolate Milk-Rufus Wainwright
Average dayPink Bullets-The Shins
First date1963-Rachael Yamagata
Falling in loveUs-Regina Spektor
Love sceneTick-Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Fight sceneAria: "Alla caccia dell'alme e de' cori" -Vivaldi
Breaking upEleanor-Low Millions
Getting back togetherAmerican Wife-Rilo Kiley
Secret loveCriminal-Fiona Apple
Life's okayTake It Or Leave It-The Strokes
Mental breakdownGirl Anachronism-Dresden Dolls
DrivingMiss Direction-Love As Laughter
Learning a lessonBig Yellow Taxi-Joni Mitchell
Deep thoughtPeking Saint-Cat Power
FlashbackAlegria-Cirque du Soleil
PartyingJacqueline-Franz Ferdinand
Happy danceGalang-M.I.A.
RegretingMoonlight Sonata-Beethoven
Long night aloneMoons And Horror Shows-The Zutons
Death sceneThe District Sleeps Alone Tonight-The Postal Service
Closing creditsEver Falls The Twilight-The Gothic Archies

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