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in exactly a week i will be living in evanston. AHHHHH!!! im very anxious.

today i packed half of my life in two boxes. little did we know that when we shipped them our boxes would be too big thus causing a 50$ upcharge, so in the middle of the post office we unpacked boxes and repacked boxes, so now half of my life is in three boxes on its way to illinois as we speak. the other half is going in my suitcase on an airplane.

this is what i can't fathom.
ponte vedra beach today: high 85, low 80
evanston today: high 67, low 51

holy SHIT i have to wear jackets and jeans in a week. i am not ready for this weather.

but what im most excited for. whos performing during welcome week? JOEL MCHALE! OMFG!!!!!

ps- my voter registration still hasnt come. :( i bought my first pack of legal cigarettes. WITH hannah's money, but i still got ID'd which was cool. and its safe to say i will never develop an addiction to cigarettes, everyone at rita's smokes and its terrible to see all of them running out to the parking lot during their break for a smoke

one more day! why am i still working? IDK
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