Alex (me_lancholy) wrote,

so, my favorite two people were in the bottom two. WHATEVER, wesley just had to make an ugly dress and get voted off. i love him, but his was really bad. my favorite dresses were keith's with the yellow ruffels and daniel's black one? not very memorable, but if you saw it again you would notice.

my new favorite thing to do is go to the library and rent cds. they surprisingly have a great selection, there were like 35 i wanted, but i settled for three.

i think im going to have a birthday party before i go to spain since people will still be here. august 30= everyones in different zip codes. im thinking sake house at five points? it won't be another fourth of july fiasco i promise (hopefully...)

my cousin and i are seeing mamma mia tomorrow. will i be seeing mamma mia before batman? unfortunately yes
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