Alex (me_lancholy) wrote,

entertainment in my life right now

music: the ting tings!
movies: la vie en rose (good!), wanted(ehh...), i still havent watched persepolis, but its sitting in my room waiting to be watched
books: middlesex (= one of the best books ive read), the road (i dont really know why it won a pulitzer prize or is being made into a movie), i started brave new world, which is exactly the same as 1984
games: pokemon (on gameboy, need i say more?)
food: five guys (so good! fries with malt vinegar and burgers as good as cruisers except less messy= fantastic) and green tea yogaberry

im excited for night frisbee tonight, although ill probably be bad because my night vision is bad and my arm is sore from menigoccl vaccines.

jacob saw gypsy today, front row for 27 dollars! when in new york, im totally student rushing! i want to see patti lufuckingpone so bad!

when does everyone leave for college? ill be in spain august 9-17, which is primo bad time because i may miss seeing somebody/multiple people for the last time

i got 4th place in rita's alex's lemonade stand contest. damn
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