Alex (me_lancholy) wrote,

ive been inspired by mallory to chronicle my life. however, i can really only remember what i did since wednesday so i guess ill start from there

wednesday night me and julian and megh went to carrabbas, which in retrospect we should have gone to german schnitzel house to visit jamie because she was working then, but whatever. tagliarini picchi pacchu is now called angel hair picchi pacchu, which is gloriously dumb, but still tastes the same, which i guess is the point of food. matt the waiter spilled icewater on meghan's lap and didnt apologize, i saw macie and kyle on a 'date', and i really had to pee when we went to eat rita's on the beach afterwards. then, we decided to go to the lodge to swim so after half an hour of retrieving bathing suits we got there at 10. i got in the pool for about 15 seconds until we were kicked out. i got wet for nothing, so we went home...

thursday jessika and i hung out which was surprisingly very fun, we went to the beach and ate zoes, and who did i see at zoes of course? kaitlin nicholson. expected.

ughh friday started terrible. we were supposed to go to gainesville to visit my aunt, so i woke up at 730, then my grandma called at 8 saying all the kids were sick so we couldnt go because there was too much vomiting going on. so instead my mom and i went to go pick up my college health forms and get my menigococl shot. BUT when we got there the forms were not filled out because the lady said my records only were open since 2000, AND the menigococl vaccine had not been ordered yet. SO i basically woke up for nothing. Luckily, after eating at cafe carmon, which is always good, we went back to the clinic, where my dad gave us my records that he found, so now i only have to go back to get one shot on tuesday, which is nice i guess. hannahs party was supah fun, it was a really good idea, and i need to download girls by beastie boys, which beach bowl has introduced me to. next stop on the party list, meghs space party! i wish i could have slept over, but i had to work in the morning and i didnt know about the sleepover until 6:45 so i didnt ask my parents.

saturday was work until Wall-E! SO GOOD. maybe better than monsters, inc, but thats a hard battle. definitely the most creative pixar film made, it was so clever and fun to watch. see it again? probably

today im working 1-6 (boo) then i might be seeing zeek tonight... which im 50% excited for/50% i dont want to go at all! i had a dream that my parents found out about him, which reinforces ending it with him. but idk, ill play it by ear

Possible plans for 4th of July?

5-9: first fridays at five points. a lady at five points was telling me about it and it sounds so cool. all the stores stay open late, and theres chalk drawing contests in the street, and we could eat sushi or mexican food. it would be superfun.

10:30: brads birthday party

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