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[11 Sep 2008|09:29pm]
hey yall, what is that puppet doing in MY play?

i was reminiscing and looking at pictures today. i miss you guys so much!

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[09 Sep 2008|05:36pm]
in exactly a week i will be living in evanston. AHHHHH!!! im very anxious.

today i packed half of my life in two boxes. little did we know that when we shipped them our boxes would be too big thus causing a 50$ upcharge, so in the middle of the post office we unpacked boxes and repacked boxes, so now half of my life is in three boxes on its way to illinois as we speak. the other half is going in my suitcase on an airplane.

this is what i can't fathom.
ponte vedra beach today: high 85, low 80
evanston today: high 67, low 51

holy SHIT i have to wear jackets and jeans in a week. i am not ready for this weather.

but what im most excited for. whos performing during welcome week? JOEL MCHALE! OMFG!!!!!

ps- my voter registration still hasnt come. :( i bought my first pack of legal cigarettes. WITH hannah's money, but i still got ID'd which was cool. and its safe to say i will never develop an addiction to cigarettes, everyone at rita's smokes and its terrible to see all of them running out to the parking lot during their break for a smoke

one more day! why am i still working? IDK

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[03 Sep 2008|11:35pm]
so my grandma, who lives in belize, who i thought was just visiting, has an interview tomorrow at target...yeah, i dont know either...

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[01 Sep 2008|11:23pm]
thanks everyone for contacting me on my birthday! it sucks that everyones gone for my 18th, but it was nice hearing from you guys. my dad had a meeting in orlando, so he got an expense free hotel room in orlando for the weekend, so we all went. on my birthday, matt and i used park hoppers (the best invention ever) and went to animal kingdom, magic kingdom, and epcot, where we ate german food, so it was pretty fun. we talked to will livingston in animal kingdom, which was awkward. i bought a cd in virgin megastore on a whim, heloise and the savoire faire, which is very good, kind of like a less dirty but female dirty sanchez, if thats possible

me and hannah have uneventful lives, but its nice we can still spend time together. we watched gossip girl and america's toughest jobs, and the hills tonight...i guess thats what we do on a monday night when everyone else is in school. mallory and hannah and i went to the beach a couple of days ago, where we realized people probably think were such burnouts, going to the beach on school weekdays. hopefully im going to visit hannah at flagler tomorrow, to see her roomates (especially kimmie, who from hannah's impression is superweird), BUT matt (who now has his liscense) told me he's taking the car to school tomorrow, so i might be stranded...

i just typed a paragraph...and it just got deleted (ps- im on my new mac! (: but am still trying to figure it out :( ) anyways, im excited and nervous about northwestern. im really not excited for my performing arts dorm, everyone seems superweird. granted im judging them from their facebooks, but still...its a lot of michelle's and sarah's UGH. everyone seems to love it, so idk...and im sure if not then i'll be able to find other friends. plus according to my roomate, who put our room into an architecture program? (ya...i don't know) it's really TINY. and because theres a stain on the floor, hes bringing oriental rugs to cover it? it should be interesting at least...

i still have no idea what classes im taking, i dont even register until the first friday im there. ib and ap tests only gave me like 8 credits bc they only gave credit for HL. i just got my placement results for spanish and im in intermediate spanish? which is kind of what i expected, so i guess thats good, and kind of uneventful...not the right word...

in two weeks exactly i'll be living in a suburb in illinois. when you put it in those terms it sounds so gross...but im so so ready to start, its not even funny. i felt like im focusing on the negatives right now, but i really could not be happier about northwestern. the anxiety hasnt really shown up until now, so hopefully its just precollege jitters

ps- dont see the house bunny. hannah and i didnt laugh a single time. but tyson from all american rejects is in it, which was weird. but it did have really good music. also weird

pps- do see volver. i rented it and its excellent

ppps- meghan, i saw the end of cold mountain on tv. i was going to call you but i figured a) you've seen it 443 times and b) it was the end...

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[20 Aug 2008|01:35am]
after reviewing my roommate's pictures, i think he doesnt play the cello, but the double bass!

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[18 Aug 2008|06:39pm]
spain was so much fun! my grandma, aunt, and kids are coming over for dinner, so its like the ethnicity never stops. i also walked around ponte vedra high school today when i picked up my cousin. which is SO nice, it looks like a college. anyways...

we flew into barcelona, which is like the coolest city i've ever been to. i want to live there so badly. its a big city but everyone and everything is really chill, its in the mountains and theres a beach, and they speak catalan, which is so weird. it sounds like spanish when people speak it but on signs it looks like french and i couldnt really pronounce anything. also on the plus side: everyone there is gorgeous! seriously, everyone was 10 out of 10. kind of scary. we walked around the gothic quarter, went to a lot of 15 century cathedrals, churches, houses, etc, ate spanish seafood (which is actually kind of gross), ate tapas, drank cerveza, rode a funicular, saw the 1992 olympic stadium and watched the olympics in spanish for 3 days. we only took the metro and walked so it was super exhausting

then we took a train to madrid. i love european trains i wish i traveled with them everywhere. madrid was so much like nyc, but spanish, so it was really cool, but i liked barcelona better. the highlight for me was definitely going to the museo del prado, which was the best museum i've ever ever been to, theres so many awesome awesome paintings. plus i got a really cool shirt there. ALSO our hotel was in the middle of the crazy and seedy part of town. the street adjacent to our hotel always had hookers on it. i counted 26 one night. and a random day we left the hotel at 6:30 in the morning and expected to see nobody on the street, but everyone was still on the street from the night before, finishing their partying. plus, transvestites liked to eat at the cafe next to our hotel. and i saw guernice at another museum! its absolutely massive, like four walls, which was not expected. they supermilked that they had guernice, there was like a whole section of the museum dedicated to it.

from madrid, we took a day trip to toledo, which was a really cool little town that was the epitome of spanish when you think of it, with tiny winding roads and super sunny, and its hard to explain, but you'll see pictures. we also took a train to seville, which was also very cool, with the third largest cathedral in europe, and lots of beautiful gardens. spain is the prettiest country i've been to.

we went back to madrid for a day after that, and saw the royal palace, which was ridiculous, it looked like versailles. AND we almost got mugged on the metro! we were walking through the doors of the subway, and three guys pushed in the middle of us. i was already in the train, and one guy tapped my dad on teh shoulder and then another tried to sneak his hand in his pocket. but my dad grabbed his hand, and the three guys ran off the train. it was hardcore.

i would love love to study abroad in spain next year/summer, but you never know. we'll see...in a heartbeat i would go back, matt will probably post facebook pictures soon.

brittany and meghan, hows COLLEGE?
ps- i saw a guy wearing a northwestern shirt in the airport, and three girls wearing bama shirts. and beka price in the atlanta airport. who talked my ear off when it was still 4 in the morning my time...UGH

this probably has a lot of typos in it

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[09 Aug 2008|02:10pm]

GO its so so cool, everyone will like it

why am i not in spain yet? im leaving in 50 minutes!

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[04 Aug 2008|01:14am]
i thought i was going crazy when i kept mysteriously losing things in my room and having absolutely no idea where i put them. and i found my remote control underneath my mattress where it fell and stuck. but its not funny when people deliberately hide things from me because they get some kind of practical joke out of it. people dont know that some of these things are more than they think they are, and i dont know who it is, because a ton of people have been in my room in the past couple of days, but what you're doing when you hide things from me is not funny at all, but deliberately mean and makes me feel like complete shit. i dont appreciate people trying to step all over me because they think its funny, and while it doesnt seem like a big deal to you, its a huge deal to me, and people should respect that. just cut the crap, and try to be at least nice. thats what a true friend would do

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[28 Jul 2008|03:47pm]
SO, somebody put two ultra ribbed condoms in my underwear drawer and one OPENED (unused) condom on my floor. SO im thinking it was someone who was in my room yesterday. and those people are julian, hannah, and brittany. so, yes, im accusing you. now wouldn't that be awkward if my mom found it?

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[24 Jul 2008|12:17am]
so, my favorite two people were in the bottom two. WHATEVER, wesley just had to make an ugly dress and get voted off. i love him, but his was really bad. my favorite dresses were keith's with the yellow ruffels and daniel's black one? not very memorable, but if you saw it again you would notice.

my new favorite thing to do is go to the library and rent cds. they surprisingly have a great selection, there were like 35 i wanted, but i settled for three.

i think im going to have a birthday party before i go to spain since people will still be here. august 30= everyones in different zip codes. im thinking sake house at five points? it won't be another fourth of july fiasco i promise (hopefully...)

my cousin and i are seeing mamma mia tomorrow. will i be seeing mamma mia before batman? unfortunately yes

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[17 Jul 2008|11:54am]
connecticut was a very...interesting. usually every summer we go to connecticut because my dad plays in a golf tournament with his best friend from high school (who has a really crazy family, like last year they accused their barn attendant (they have horses?) of being a pedophile, so he burned down their barn). so we met him after he was playing in the tournament for a couple of days, to see his family up there, which consists of my two uncles and their wives and kids. so we basically did a lot of house hopping, including visiting my uncle's ex-wife (which is always sort of taboo, but shes awesome), and my great aunt whos a spinster, who i think is a sexually repressed lesbian. i think its a good thing we dont live up there. im glad my dad decided to leave connecticut, because he just gets very quiet and sad whenever hes there. one of my uncles is a failure, with two DUIs and a gambling problem. my grandparents have had to bail him out of jail, hes divorced and has no custody of his kids, and lives with my great aunt, and it just depresses him to see him like this. but...all in all, i had a lot of fun. my cousin jill is coming to stay with us for two weeks! i have so much respect for her. shes going to college in boston to be an event planner, juggles three jobs in the summers, including a waitressing job where she gets home at 3 in the morning and where there was a shootout on the steps of the bar when we were there, and is the most independent person i know. plus, shes a crazy party girl. (ie- gave me ping pong balls to be used for beer pong)

after that, we drove to new york city, where we went through new rochelle! and got there at like 12, where we went to carnegie deli. and i am 100% sure that i saw julian's future friend thats going to nyu and was in our town! absolutely it was him, i watched him onstage for like 3 hours, i know his face. the next day we went to the guggenheim, which was just scary, the walls are way too low, i felt like i was going to fall to my death. the highlight of the exhibit was either the huge sculpture of the imagined dinner where three daughters chop up and eat their father, or the hanging metal penis sculpture that had nipples on the balls. yeah...

i saw spring awakening again! which surprisingly my parents liked, but how can you not like spring awakening? it was the same cast, but with no understudies. the wendla we saw was 18! ridiculous! HOWEVER when i went to the bathroom, i went to a urinal and the same time i was leaving i swear i saw jonathan groff, but he had longer hair and glasses and looked very shabby, and i was like it cant be him, and even if i approached him, its in a bathroom, which is weird. BUT at the end of the night when we were getting pictures with the cast, i talked to kyle riabko (melchior) and i asked him if jonathan groff was here tonight. and he said he was! because this was the last time he could see the original cast chorus members perform, the black girl, the tiny girl, and three others are leaving on friday. so basically, i peed with jonathan groff! dream come true

we shopped the next day, including going to the super asian urban outfitters like store, which is always superfunny. matt and i waited in line that morning to get gypsy student tickets. we thought we got like the back of the orchestra, because they were BB, which i thought was like the second tier of seating, but when we got there we were front row! which was cool and drool; we were sitting so close to patti lupone you could see her sweat and cry, etc., but the stage was so high you were looking up the whole time. but i guess theyre tickets that are 75% off, so not too shabby. it was absolutely awesome, even the girls playing gypsy and june and possibly the 10 year old that played baby june could have rivaled patti in being the best on stage. BUT patti lupone was the winner. she is the fiercest person in the world. it was so amazing. i think someone behind me in line put it bluntly. are people going to see this for gypsy? or for patti lupone? the answer is the LATTER!

anyways im home, full of project runway (im glad jerry left, he was too confident) Read a clockwork orange, its awesome!

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[16 Jul 2008|10:42pm]
im too overwhelemed to write anything about connecticut/newyork right now due to about 3253 posts that were posted this past week and project runway rerun coming on. i havent even seen a commercial for it but i looked at their profiles in the newspaper and wesley is my favorite right now...

meghan- i love gypsy. it was so fucking awesome. matt and i sat in line for student rush tickets and were in the front row, it was such a big awesome gay dream

brittany- you've changed too much when i've been gone im not going to recognize you with new teeth. and if youre going on your cruise in the first week of august i dont know if im ever going to see you in august. so we need to address that

and i peed in a urinal next to jonathan groff! AHHHHHHHH!!!

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[06 Jul 2008|02:51pm]
congrats, we're all no longer ib candidates, and now ib diploma recipients. and i still haven't heard of anyone who has not passed...

grade im most surprised about: tok: B how did that happen? i didnt understand that class? what are the problems and issues of knowledge?

grade im most excited about: extended essay: A! im gonna be conceited and say i totally raped that! writing about the suppression of sexuality was a great decision

what classes do i get out of? 1 history elective and 1 english elective...ummm...yay

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[02 Jul 2008|05:16pm]
entertainment in my life right now

music: the ting tings!
movies: la vie en rose (good!), wanted(ehh...), i still havent watched persepolis, but its sitting in my room waiting to be watched
books: middlesex (= one of the best books ive read), the road (i dont really know why it won a pulitzer prize or is being made into a movie), i started brave new world, which is exactly the same as 1984
games: pokemon (on gameboy, need i say more?)
food: five guys (so good! fries with malt vinegar and burgers as good as cruisers except less messy= fantastic) and green tea yogaberry

im excited for night frisbee tonight, although ill probably be bad because my night vision is bad and my arm is sore from menigoccl vaccines.

jacob saw gypsy today, front row for 27 dollars! when in new york, im totally student rushing! i want to see patti lufuckingpone so bad!

when does everyone leave for college? ill be in spain august 9-17, which is primo bad time because i may miss seeing somebody/multiple people for the last time

i got 4th place in rita's alex's lemonade stand contest. damn

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[29 Jun 2008|10:42am]
ive been inspired by mallory to chronicle my life. however, i can really only remember what i did since wednesday so i guess ill start from there

wednesday night me and julian and megh went to carrabbas, which in retrospect we should have gone to german schnitzel house to visit jamie because she was working then, but whatever. tagliarini picchi pacchu is now called angel hair picchi pacchu, which is gloriously dumb, but still tastes the same, which i guess is the point of food. matt the waiter spilled icewater on meghan's lap and didnt apologize, i saw macie and kyle on a 'date', and i really had to pee when we went to eat rita's on the beach afterwards. then, we decided to go to the lodge to swim so after half an hour of retrieving bathing suits we got there at 10. i got in the pool for about 15 seconds until we were kicked out. i got wet for nothing, so we went home...

thursday jessika and i hung out which was surprisingly very fun, we went to the beach and ate zoes, and who did i see at zoes of course? kaitlin nicholson. expected.

ughh friday started terrible. we were supposed to go to gainesville to visit my aunt, so i woke up at 730, then my grandma called at 8 saying all the kids were sick so we couldnt go because there was too much vomiting going on. so instead my mom and i went to go pick up my college health forms and get my menigococl shot. BUT when we got there the forms were not filled out because the lady said my records only were open since 2000, AND the menigococl vaccine had not been ordered yet. SO i basically woke up for nothing. Luckily, after eating at cafe carmon, which is always good, we went back to the clinic, where my dad gave us my records that he found, so now i only have to go back to get one shot on tuesday, which is nice i guess. hannahs party was supah fun, it was a really good idea, and i need to download girls by beastie boys, which beach bowl has introduced me to. next stop on the party list, meghs space party! i wish i could have slept over, but i had to work in the morning and i didnt know about the sleepover until 6:45 so i didnt ask my parents.

saturday was work until Wall-E! SO GOOD. maybe better than monsters, inc, but thats a hard battle. definitely the most creative pixar film made, it was so clever and fun to watch. see it again? probably

today im working 1-6 (boo) then i might be seeing zeek tonight... which im 50% excited for/50% i dont want to go at all! i had a dream that my parents found out about him, which reinforces ending it with him. but idk, ill play it by ear

Possible plans for 4th of July?

5-9: first fridays at five points. a lady at five points was telling me about it and it sounds so cool. all the stores stay open late, and theres chalk drawing contests in the street, and we could eat sushi or mexican food. it would be superfun.

10:30: brads birthday party


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[16 Jun 2008|07:05pm]
APPARENTLY! MIA is retiring! yes, im upset. at some show, she said that it was her last....boo

also, im back at rita's italian ice. come visit me, ill hook you up with some free gelati

things are looking up :)

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[10 Jun 2008|10:20am]
its like 10 o'clock and i woke up to my mom shouting 'alex, come in here! im scared!' so i was like wtf, what happened? did someone die? so i went into the kitchen, and on the island was a styrofoam container full of live lobsters. and my mom was scared because she didnt know how to kill them. why do i have lobsters in my house? my dads patient sent them. why? i dont know. news flash-theyre still not dead.

this week should be/have been lots of fun, and at points i have been having fun, but i dont know, i've been feeling really weird lately. and i cant really place it if its sad or bored or tired ever. i find myself zoning out and not talking at all. and i cant really tell if its me who is changing or if its other people. im trying to work on it, but i really dont know how i can. maybe its a mixture of ending school and not really knowing what to expect next year, maybe its the fact that people are starting to leave already, maybe its because im no longer stressed and have nothing to occupy my time with, maybe everyones changing and im not. bottom line- i'm feeling very distant.

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[23 May 2008|03:59pm]
just requested kirstie gabaldon and derek coghlan to be my facebook friends.

contrary to what most people are saying, im psyched about prom

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[17 May 2008|12:23pm]
regina spektor, why did you have to sing a song for the chronicles of narnia? im very disappointed in you.

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[06 May 2008|10:27am]
i have to leave in ten minutes! because ms. fryer is making us go to math even though i have an hl test today! wtf? i had to do a practice ap calc test last night, even though i was supposed to be studying. whatever. i really dont know anything about the cold war or the vietnam war or the korean war, so i feel very screwed/unprepared.

in other news, im facebook friends with adam now! BUT, he has a boyfriend. BUT, its still cool that i know him, sort of. i also recognized the ethnic girl that was on the paper last night that i met that said she would be on the next episode. which is cool.

i love making eggs in the morning. i dont know why i waited this long to start making breakfast in the morning.

syngmann rhee was the sk leader and ho chi minh was the nk leader! thats all i remember! i think im going to work at rita's again. or perhaps yogaberry? i dont know. im also thinking about audition for david ives' all in the timing at fccj at the end of may, but i dont really have that much information about it, so i have to look into that. adios

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