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thanks everyone for contacting me on my birthday! it sucks that everyones gone for my 18th, but it was nice hearing from you guys. my dad had a meeting in orlando, so he got an expense free hotel room in orlando for the weekend, so we all went. on my birthday, matt and i used park hoppers (the best invention ever) and went to animal kingdom, magic kingdom, and epcot, where we ate german food, so it was pretty fun. we talked to will livingston in animal kingdom, which was awkward. i bought a cd in virgin megastore on a whim, heloise and the savoire faire, which is very good, kind of like a less dirty but female dirty sanchez, if thats possible

me and hannah have uneventful lives, but its nice we can still spend time together. we watched gossip girl and america's toughest jobs, and the hills tonight...i guess thats what we do on a monday night when everyone else is in school. mallory and hannah and i went to the beach a couple of days ago, where we realized people probably think were such burnouts, going to the beach on school weekdays. hopefully im going to visit hannah at flagler tomorrow, to see her roomates (especially kimmie, who from hannah's impression is superweird), BUT matt (who now has his liscense) told me he's taking the car to school tomorrow, so i might be stranded...

i just typed a paragraph...and it just got deleted (ps- im on my new mac! (: but am still trying to figure it out :( ) anyways, im excited and nervous about northwestern. im really not excited for my performing arts dorm, everyone seems superweird. granted im judging them from their facebooks, but still...its a lot of michelle's and sarah's UGH. everyone seems to love it, so idk...and im sure if not then i'll be able to find other friends. plus according to my roomate, who put our room into an architecture program? (ya...i don't know) it's really TINY. and because theres a stain on the floor, hes bringing oriental rugs to cover it? it should be interesting at least...

i still have no idea what classes im taking, i dont even register until the first friday im there. ib and ap tests only gave me like 8 credits bc they only gave credit for HL. i just got my placement results for spanish and im in intermediate spanish? which is kind of what i expected, so i guess thats good, and kind of uneventful...not the right word...

in two weeks exactly i'll be living in a suburb in illinois. when you put it in those terms it sounds so gross...but im so so ready to start, its not even funny. i felt like im focusing on the negatives right now, but i really could not be happier about northwestern. the anxiety hasnt really shown up until now, so hopefully its just precollege jitters

ps- dont see the house bunny. hannah and i didnt laugh a single time. but tyson from all american rejects is in it, which was weird. but it did have really good music. also weird

pps- do see volver. i rented it and its excellent

ppps- meghan, i saw the end of cold mountain on tv. i was going to call you but i figured a) you've seen it 443 times and b) it was the end...
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