Alex (me_lancholy) wrote,

i thought i was going crazy when i kept mysteriously losing things in my room and having absolutely no idea where i put them. and i found my remote control underneath my mattress where it fell and stuck. but its not funny when people deliberately hide things from me because they get some kind of practical joke out of it. people dont know that some of these things are more than they think they are, and i dont know who it is, because a ton of people have been in my room in the past couple of days, but what you're doing when you hide things from me is not funny at all, but deliberately mean and makes me feel like complete shit. i dont appreciate people trying to step all over me because they think its funny, and while it doesnt seem like a big deal to you, its a huge deal to me, and people should respect that. just cut the crap, and try to be at least nice. thats what a true friend would do
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