Alex (me_lancholy) wrote,

its like 10 o'clock and i woke up to my mom shouting 'alex, come in here! im scared!' so i was like wtf, what happened? did someone die? so i went into the kitchen, and on the island was a styrofoam container full of live lobsters. and my mom was scared because she didnt know how to kill them. why do i have lobsters in my house? my dads patient sent them. why? i dont know. news flash-theyre still not dead.

this week should be/have been lots of fun, and at points i have been having fun, but i dont know, i've been feeling really weird lately. and i cant really place it if its sad or bored or tired ever. i find myself zoning out and not talking at all. and i cant really tell if its me who is changing or if its other people. im trying to work on it, but i really dont know how i can. maybe its a mixture of ending school and not really knowing what to expect next year, maybe its the fact that people are starting to leave already, maybe its because im no longer stressed and have nothing to occupy my time with, maybe everyones changing and im not. bottom line- i'm feeling very distant.
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